About juguettos

Once upon a time there was a group of merchants who devoted themselves to taking dreams from one place in the world to another. The story began more than 35 years ago in a town in Hispania the name of which...I now remember as Villena.

There were only a few merchants who decided to become great and powerful. As there is strength in numbers, soon they were able to embark on conquering the world by importing magic from the Far East to all the corners of their beloved homeland.

From day to day they became more and more successful and with the arrival of the ’92 Olympic Games, they decided to give their team a name. From then on, that team of warriors came to be known as Juguettos. Their identity and their way of understanding the world would make an impression on thousands of children.

According to the legend today and thanks to the course of history, the group of merchants have founded an idilic country without frontiers called The Land of Never Ending Fun.